Cardiopulmonary Calculations Software
New for 2020!

Our cardiopulmonary calculations software programs are suitable for medical programs that utilize medical software programs for their medical students in their curriculum.  The cardiopulmonary calculations software programs are especially applicable for practicing health care practitioners and medical students in the following medical fields: nursing, respiratory care, emergency medical technician, paramedic, cardiovascular technician, electrocardiography (ECG) technician, perfusionist, physician assistant, and other allied health care fields.

Each Cardiopulmonary Calculations Software Program features the following:

  • State-of-the-art comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.
  • Unlimited number of randomized calculations to practice.
  • Comprehensive review quiz.
  • Printable report of user's score.
  • Response viewing of correct / incorrect choices.
Software Title:
The Cardiopulmonary Calculations Software (CCS) Administrator
Review of Basic Mathematics
Drug Dosage Calculations
Gas Physics & Gas Therapy Calculations
Hemodynamic & Oxygenation Calculations
Mechanical Ventilation & PFT Calculations

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