Software Price List
Please Note: Single user programs may NOT be purchased by institutions or a representative of an institution. Single user programs are for ONE computer with ONE user.

Single user purchases are not for institutional purchase. These programs may be installed on one computer for home use only. Any attempt by an institution or a representative of an institution to purchase a single user program will be rejected.

C&S Solutions offers a generous site and network license that allows the purchased program to be installed and run on any computer within the immediate institution and across a network system of that institution. If the network system includes satellite campuses, the programs may be run from these satellite campuses. However, separate extension campuses or a separate network system will require an additional site and network license. We offer significant discounts for additional site and network licenses. Please call 1 (800) 960-1618 for details.

Upgrade your current programs from C&S Solutions to our latest version for 45% of the current purchase price.

Cardiopulmonary Calculations Software
Software Title Single User Site License
  CCS-01: Review of Basic Mathematics $39.50 $325.00
  CCS-02: Drug Dosage Calculations $39.50 $325.00
  CCS-03: Gas Physics & Gas Therapy Calculations $39.50 $325.00
  CCS-04: Hemodynamic & Oxygenation Calculations $39.50 $325.00
  CCS-05: Mechanical Ventilation & PFT Calculations $39.50 $325.00
  CCS Administrator
  (no charge if purchasing all 5 CCS programs)
- $325.00

Medical Educational Software
Software Title Single User Site License
  MES-01: Arterial Blood Gases Part I $69.50 $595.00
  MES-02: Arterial Blood Gases Part II $69.50 $595.00
  MES-03: Electrocardiography Part I $69.50 $595.00
  MES-04: Electrocardiography Part II $69.50 $595.00
  MES-05: Electrocardiography Part III $69.50 $595.00
  MES-06: Hemodynamic Monitoring Part I $69.50 $595.00
  MES-07: Hemodynamic Monitoring Part II $69.50 $595.00
  MES-08: Hemodynamic Monitoring Part III $69.50 $595.00
  MES-09: Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage Systems $69.50 $595.00
  MES-10: Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base Balance $69.50 $595.00
  MES-11: The Complete Chest Examination $69.50 $595.00
  The MES Administrator
  (no charge if purchasing all 11 MES programs)
- $395.00

Respiratory Self-Evaluation Software
*These programs are for institutional purchase only
Software Title Single User Site License
  TMC-01: Therapist Multiple Choice Examination I - $595.00
  TMC-02: Therapist Multiple Choice Examination II - $595.00
  TMC-03: Therapist Multiple Choice Examination III - $595.00
  CSE-01: Clinical Simulation Examination I - $1,845.00
  CSE-02: Clinical Simulation Examination II - $1,845.00
  CSE-03: Clinical Simulation Examination III - $1,845.00
  Any One Individual Clinical Simulation - $225.00

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