Software System Requirements
Our software requirements are compatible to the configurations required to run Windows 10 in regards to the processor, hard disk space, graphics card, and display. However, Microsoft recommends devices have at minimum 2 GB RAM, which is inadequate to run our software. We recommend at least 8 GB RAM, which results in smoother performance of our software as well as improved responsiveness.

Note: Software must be installed and run from a local hard drive or network drive.

There are no additional system requirements for our software, except for MES-11 (The Complete Chest Examination), which requires audio for listening to breath sounds.

Requirements for the Respiratory Administrator or Medical Educational Software Administrator:
The Administrator programs rely on creating, editing, and deleting database files; therefore, all C&S Solutions site-license programs should be installed and run from a network drive so that there is one central location to store and manage the database files. The educator then would be able to run the Administrator program from any computer linked to the network drive and have access to all database files.

Additionally, all C&S Solutions software should be installed to one folder on the network drive, not spread across several folders. The reason for this is all programs, including the Administrator programs, need one central location to manage its database files.

If C&S Solutions software is installed on a local hard drive, the database files would be located only on that local hard drive. The educator then would need to access each local workstation to run the Administrator software in order to access the database files located only on that workstation.

Note: If the educator is not interested in running, or has no need of the Administrator programs, then there is no need to be concerned about whether the software should be installed on a local hard drive or on a network drive. The Administrator programs are aids to the educator in controlling who has access to the respiratory and medical educational software, setting software passwords, assigning students to the software, and viewing student score reports.

See also Software Help - Installation & Troubleshooting

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