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You won't believe how easy it is to enhance your curriculum with our
state-of-the-art Respiratory Self-Evaluation Software Programs!

Several schools and hospitals have already discovered the value these programs add to their present system. Here's what they say about C&S Solutions Self-Evaluation Software Programs:

"I have recently purchased several of your software programs and have had a chance to review the Entry-Level Examination I. This is an outstanding test! I am an item writer for the National Board for Respiratory Care and look very closely at the type of review questions that others write. I can honestly say that in both print and in simulation form that I have yet to come across a test that I consider to be up-to-date and thorough in content as yours." C. Kallus; The Victoria College

"I recommend these examinations highly. They have been a valuable asset for the students." D. Neal; Edgecombe Community College

"I like the format of the examinations because it is the same as the actual credentialing examinations. The questions compare very well to the actual credentialing exams. I use one exam in class with teams to answer questions and one as an exit exam. Also, the exams were made available to graduates that had not passed the exam. S. Albretton; Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

"Your programs are excellent! Very comparable to the actual credentialing examinations. Very pleased!" D. Sanford; Oakland Community College

"The examinations are a good exercise for the students. They try to find specific answers. They have to learn to find the best answer." C. Carducci; Jefferson Community College

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Respiratory Administrator
Self-Evaluation Therapist Multiple-Choice TMC Examinations
Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulation Examinations
Adult Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulations
Pediatric Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulations
Neonatal Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulations

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